Choosing Your Benefits

We know it's often hard to figure out how to determine what type of voluntary benefits you should get, and what these benefits do to provide you Peace of Mind. But now it's easier than ever to determine what to get with proper education and communication of the benefits offered with BeneCom℠ Enrollment Services.

Giving Peace of Mind

The changing health care landscape may offer workers greater access to health care services and major medical health insurance coverage, still many are not aware how costly an illness or injury can be – even if they are covered by major medical insurance. In the midst of rising costs and significant changes to our health care system, benefits coverage and proper financial preparation are becoming increasingly important to workers.

Using Traditional Communication

At BeneCom℠ Corporation, we believe in keeping the "human" in Human Resources and we believe that physical interaction and communication with us and your employees is the key differentiator between us and others! BeneCom℠ Corporation and our communicators, specifically specialize in communicating those benefits to each group of employees in a way that is easily understood. What the employer is offering, and the value of the benefits offered, while enrolling and handling the process plan.


Knowledgeable about Benefits

Employees who are offered and enrolled in voluntary benefits are almost two times more likely to say they feel extremely or very knowledgeable about their benefits package, compared to those who are not offered voluntary benefits at all.

Given a list of benefits products, employees who were offered voluntary benefits (even if not enrolled) had a significantly better understanding of benefits offerings, compared to employees not offered voluntary benefits offerings.

Engaged with Benefits

More than half (57 percent) of employees enrolled in voluntary benefits say they are taking full advantage of their employee benefits; whereas just 38 percent of workers not offered voluntary benefits say the same.

Workers enrolled in voluntary benefits are significantly more likely to say they would be interested in non-insurance benefits such as wellness programs.

Satisfied with Benefits

Workers with voluntary benefits are more likely to be extremely or very satisfied with their benefits than workers who do not have voluntary benefits (69 percent compared to 48 percent).

Workers with voluntary benefits are significantly more likely to view their overall benefits package as more competitive than their peers and to say their benefits meet their families’ needs.


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