Director Civil Service Board - Hillsborough County 

I have personal knowledge of Mr. Shattuck , as he has written supplemental health care policies for Civil Service Office employees. I find him to be honest and genuinely concerned about the welfare of County employees and supportive of organized social events. I believe Mr. Shattuck is a competent manager, and therefore recommend he and his firm to manage our supplemental

Director, Human Resources & Organizational Development Hillsborough County Tax Collector's Office

Brad has always been a great business partner for the Tax Collector’s office. He provides excellent service to our employees and goes above and beyond to help our them with their claims.

Senior Human Resource Analyst Employee Relations Department Clerk Of The Circuit Court - Hillsborough County.

With the AFLAC team of Brad Shattuck & Amber Hoadley, customer Service is their number one goal. If you want to get it done right, pick the right choice… the team of Brad & Amber. When you have a situation where you are very sensitive about the event, you can rest assure Brad S. & Amber H. have your back. They make the process almost effortless just by you providing them with the information and they, and take it from there.

Henderson Insurance & Risk Management

One very important improvement was the utilization of Brad's services and the organization. Mr. Brad Shattuck is most helpful in facilitating the IRS Section 125, Pre Tax Elective Benefits and FSA accounts. Brad does an excellent job of communicating all benefits offered to employees in a one-on-one setting or large group environments, we think you would benefit from the services offered by Brad and his group.

City Manager City Of Zephyrhills

Employees were very impressed with the payroll deduction and benefit statements that BeneCom provided to all employees. This is an extremely valuable tool in educating staff on the value of their benefits in addition to their pay. Overall, we are very pleased with your service, and the personal care provide throughout the year

Tax Collector Hillsborough County

My experiences with Brad Shattuck have been excellent, Mr. Shattuck demonstrates the highest level of professionalism. He avails himself to our Human Resource staff and his clients.

Pasco County Property Appraiser

Brad has been the AFLAC representative for my office for many years. He is very knowledgeable of all the aspects of AFLAC. He is constantly available when any of my employees need him. He calls and sends emails to let me know when he is going to be in the area and if any of my employees need anything. Anytime there is a new policy with AFLAC and he thinks any of my employees might be interested he stops by and meets with them. Brad is a great guy and I would recommend him to anyone. He has helped me personally with insurance issues and I gratefully appreciated it.

Chief Human Resources Analyst At Children's Board Of Hillsborough County

I would highly recommend Brad. He is extremely responsive, and willing to assist our employees in any way he can to ensure they understand their products and are receiving claim payments promptly. He is a pleasure to work with.

Sr Abstractor At Hillsborough County Property Appraiser

I have known Bradley for many.. many years. He is and has been my AFLAC agent for as long as I can remember. I admire him for the enthusiasm he shows for all his customers and how he is so explicit in his explanations of policies. Bradley is not only a great agent but has become a friend as well. I know I can depend on him to be available when I need or have questions for him. Bradley truly does care about the people he represents!

Former Mayor Of Tampa, Former Hillsborough County Savings Bond Chairman

Thank you for always being there when the employees need you!

Thank Amber as well, she is very pleasant and accommodating.

President At Norse Consultants

Brad is one of the most dedicated, caring professionals I have worked with. During my 8 years as Benefits Director for Hillsborough County Government, his assistance to employees was superior. He knows his products, knows what is good for employees, does not "oversell", and was immediately available whenever an employee needed help.

Life, Health & Disability Insurance | Medicare | Healthcare Reform | Obamacare Expert

I met Brad when I started my career as an insurance agent in 2003. His mere presence was motivational. Years later, I was honored to be asked by Brad to help him on a project. I learned more from Brad during that time than all the training I had received up until that point. I was able to experience his passion for what he does and have used that experience as a benchmark for myself. Brad is as much a professional as anyone I have ever met in any industry. His knowledge about the products he sells is exceeded only by the level of service he provides to each and every one of his clients. To this day, I consider Brad a mentor and continue to seek his guidance.

H.R. Director, Comptroller

Brad Shattuck's impressiveemployee group presentation was the highlight of the enrollment, everyone was captivated and paying attention but also participating. He is a master at speaking

A.L. Saland Insurance Solutions

Bradley Shattuck is AWESOME. He sits down and really listens to what you are looking for. He is very knowledgeable and puts your insurance package together. Brad has been my agent for (10) years now. I would highly send ALL that I know to Brad for their Aflac needs. Brad will make sure at any time of the day or night that you can sleep through the night. Thanks Brad

District Sales Coordinator At AFLAC

I have personally known Brad since I joined Aflac almost 10 years ago. Having a detailed understanding and knowledge of not only our company, but our business (the insurance world) in general, would be an understatement. His attention to detail and dedication to his clients is second to none. Brad has remained a permanent fixture amongst the top representatives in the country since his very first days with Aflac and any business, owner, or HR manager who is presented with the opportunity to work with Brad, should take advantage of that privilege.

Insurance Agent - Benefit Communicator

Brad is nothing less than an expert in his field, a dedicated professional, and a superior customer service provider. I have worked with him on numerous accounts and have always learned something new, even after being in the business for 8 years myself!

Aflac Senior Vice President

Brad, I just want to say thank you for your Leadership of your TEAM. We appreciate the job you are doing each week to keep everyone motivated and informed, you are the Face and Backbone of Aflac.


Thank you for everything...I wanted to let you know I have lost a lot of time at work without pay because of my condition, I wanted to let you know Mr. Shattuck that you and your Company are such a true blessing. I would not have been able to survive without my supplemental policies and it made the difference in being able to return to a normal life