The Benefits Communication Dilemma

• Spiraling costs of employee benefits
•  High Deductibles
•  Comprehension of plans
•  Unappreciated benefits
•  Confusions
•  Employee Morale, loyalty, productivity
•  Educating employees-current benefits.
•  Health Reform concerns.
•  Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Rules and Regulations.

 Solution Of Communication

As an independent benefit communication consultant, we communicate in a way that every employee understands the programs being offered so that the employee can make an educated decision. Employees need to be able to understand what they're getting, especially when making critical decisions during open enrollments.

Insurance & Benefits

•  Group Health Insurance
•  Individual Health Insurance
•  HDHP & HSA Plans
•  Identity Theft
•  Pre-Paid Legal Plans
•  Pre-Paid Vacation Plans
•  Corporate Travel Incentives

    • Supplemental Insurance

    • Accident, Sickness, Cancer/Specified Disease

    • Critical Care, Hospital, Dental, STD, LTD

    • Dental Supplement, Intensive-Care

    • Lump Sum Critical Illness, Vision


    • Life and Long Term Care

    • Universal Life, Hybrid UL, Whole Life

    • Term Life, Juvenile Life, Long-Term Care

    • Hybrid LTCi, True LTC and MORE....


Executive Bonus Plans 

An executive bonus plan is an arrangement under which an employer pays the premiums on a permanent, cash value life insurance policy. Although the employer pays the premiums, the executive-not the employer-owns the life insurance policy. The basic executive bonus plan is simplicity itself. It is in the application of the plan that some complexity enters the arrangement.


Why voluntary benefits are more relevant than ever!


Health care reform and increasing health care costs continue to drive demand for voluntary benefits, and for good reason. As the cost of health insurance rises, employers continue to struggle to control their company’s health care expenses.

Voluntary Benefits Help Workers Build a Safety Net!


Surprises and unexpected challenges are a fact of life - but uncertain insurance protection for your workforce should not be. Voluntary insurance policies provide "Peace of Mind" to your business by helping your workers build a safety net to protect their finances.

Voluntary policies:

  • Can be offered at little or no cost to the employer or municipality

  • Pays cash benefits, so workers can cover unexpected costs associated with illness or injury that major medical may not cover or leave deductible and out-of-pocket maximums

  • Pays regardless of any other insurance policies, including policies that are in place through the Federal Exchange, State health care exchanges, Medical insurance or any other coverage.



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