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Bradley J. Shattuck is a dedicated family man and the esteemed President of BeneCom℠. With an impressive 35 years of experience in the insurance field, Brad is a licensed and experienced Broker committed to fostering relationship-based benefit communication.

Brad embarked on his insurance journey in 1987, starting in Nebraska after serving in the Army 167th Air Cavalry. He quickly rose to prominence at Combined Insurance, achieving top ranks within the first 6 months. Upon relocating to Florida in 1989, he contributed to American Heritage Life Insurance by creating a new direct sales process plan, enhancing communication between small businesses and agents.

In 1993, Brad further excelled at Aflac, becoming a top agent before founding BeneCom℠ in 1998. Recognizing a gap in benefit communication, Brad established BeneCom℠ to revolutionize how individuals and businesses understand their benefit programs.

Under Brad's leadership, BeneCom℠ boasts a superior team dedicated to tailoring benefit programs to each client's unique needs. His exceptional communication skills have proven instrumental in providing maximum value to clients and ensuring the ongoing success of BeneCom℠.



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Amber Hoadley is a licensed and experienced insurance agent, working proudly as a benefits communicator and enroller with BeneCom℠. In this role, Amber fulfills many duties in relation to benefit needs. Amber works with a superior team providing all aspects of employee, individual, and company benefit products and programs.

Amber is a big believer in the role of a trusted, knowledgeable and experienced benefits communicator.

Amber is no stranger to benefits communication and enrolling, having spent 13 years as a licensed insurance agent in the state of Florida, and 5 years as an administrator working directly with the customer service aspects that follow, which taught her the importance of the integrity that is essential to our industry.

Amber has a working history of benefit communications and enrolling for all purposes such as government entities, private businesses both large and small, individuals, and more. She plays a key role in administration and customer service as well, working directly with every stage of a company or individual’s needs.

Prior to starting her career with Benecom℠, Amber spent her youth around the industry. She watched her father work tirelessly to build a strong, integral, and relationship based benefit communication business that would play a vital role in assisting individuals and companies with all aspects of benefits. Amber grew up with the understanding of what it means to truly provide not only products of great need and value, but also the understanding that it is essential to provide world class service to those we assist. She has learned the importance of true relationships, knowledge, compassion, professionalism, and “doing the right thing – because it’s the right thing to do” (as her father, mentor, and boss, Brad Shattuck has always shown her).

Amber helps individuals and companies to truly understand the world of benefits, from beginning to end. She is versed in providing information, understanding needs, consultation, enrolling, customer services, implementation and company needs, team leadership, and practical applications. She is also very educated and experienced in the versatility of the nature of this business, and has a working knowledge of how to navigate through change based on the needs of the individual, company or entity, and the industry.

Amber offers a wide range of services – and assuredly fulfills all duties and responsibilities with enthusiasm and integrity. Her background in and around the world of benefits communication has provided the perfect foundation for being a successful pillar of BeneCom℠. Passionate about BeneCom℠ and its possibilities, Amber provides world class services that help countless individuals and companies to navigate all things benefits.